Shred for Good Revamps and Reopens Residential Shred Drop Off

With some modifications to the process, SHRED FOR GOOD resumed its Residential Shred Day Program. This community service was suspended at the end of March due to COVID-19 and the safety concerns that came with it. The Shred Team had to revamp the entire way they provided this essential service.

Jo Binder, Melanie Fleming, and Stephanie Young overhauled procedures enabling the team to provide this service at record speed while adhering to CDC safety guidelines. 92 households were able to destroy 5,116 pounds of sensitive documents on the first day of service. Matt Luman, Michele Novembre, Greg Smith, and Ricky Smith spent the entire 2-hour time period gathering the documents from client vehicles. Nicole Stanley sanitized pens and clipboards, while Melanie took care of the paperwork, collected donations, and told everyone about our commercial shredding service. Noura Tber took possession of the full bins and brought out empty bins to fill them again. Kamillah Crimley operated the industrial shredding machine to keep up with the volume of paper obtained. If that is not the definition of TEAMWORK, I do not know what is. Great job team! #UpfortheChallenge

Shred for Good Volunteer
hred for Good Revamps and Reopens Residential Shred Drop Off