Why Shred

Time And Money

Outsourcing your shredding and document destruction is more secure and less expensive than shredding yourself.

Your Public Image

Privacy is a very important and timely consumer awareness issue. Confidential information in your dumpster is an easy target for reporters and could become tomorrow’s headlines. You not only protect employees and customers when you shred; you also protect your company’s image.


Your documents are always under lock & key while in our custody. We follow a secure chain of custody from your business to our state-of-the-art document destruction facility. After your secure documents are shredded, the paper is repulped within the southeastern US.

Environmentally Friendly

It takes 70% less energy and water to recycle paper than to create new paper from trees.

Identity Theft & Privacy

All businesses deal with information that employees and/or customers consider confidential. You are legally obligated to protect that information. The trash is the single most available source of competitive and private information from the average business.

Trade information

Casual disposal of information has been the basis for courts to deny trade information rights—if you don’t take precautions to protect your trade information, the courts won’t either.

Keep Sensitive Information Away from Thieves

When you use a secure document destruction service you are less likely to find yourself in a bind because an unauthorized person stole sensitive information.

Prevent Wasted Office Space

Reduce stored boxes and filing cabinets destroying documents that are no longer needed.

The Law

An increasing number of laws actually require organizations and industries to shred certain sensitive documents or face steep fines.

Just Recycling is Not Enough

Simply recycling sensitive information does not protect you or your business from legal consequences or embarrassment. Documents left in or found in recycling containers could be damaging to your business, your employees and/or your customers.

Legal Compliance

Remain HIPPA compliant and guarantee destruction with a Certificate of Destruction.

Reduce cost and add convenience

By outsourcing your document destruction there is no equipment to buy and no training for employees.

Resources Saved Per Ton of Paper Recycled

pounds of sulfur
lbs of limestone
lbs of steam
gallons of water

Who Should Shred

All businesses need to discard confidential data. Customers lists, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids, correspondence, and even memos contain information that would interest competitors. Every business is also entrusted with information that must be kept private. Employees and customers have the legal right to have this data protected.

While all businesses should properly dispose of confidential information, the following is a partial list of those at risk to be compromised:

  • Law Firms
  • Medical Practices
  • Financial Institutions
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Agencies & Companies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Vehicle Sales