Shred for Good Residential Shred Drop Off Reboot

Back in March 2020, Shred for Good (a division of Challenge Enterprises) suspended the Residential Shred Drop-Off Program in response to health concerns around COVID-19. This was a difficult and necessary decision, but also an opportunity to revamp the program.

After a six-month shutdown, Shred for Good rolled out a rebooted Residential Shred Drop-Off Program. On the first day, 92 households were able to destroy 5,116 pounds of sensitive materials in just 2 hours. Each one of these events is focused on convenience for the consumer and streamlined processes for the staff. Residential consumers now follow the signs to the drop zone, complete a short form, donate and drive away without ever having to leave their vehicle. To save even more time, both the form and donation have been made available in advance online.

Not only have these changes been well received by the households participating in this service, but Shred for Good has seen an increase in productivity and opportunity to provide gainful employment for the individuals working these events. Since the first of October, the Residential Shred Drop-Off Events have collected 60,000 pounds of paper. The average household drops off about 55 pounds and donates $14 per visit. Considering that most drop-off shred sites charge more than $.50 per pound; the Shred for Good’s Residential Shred Drop-Off Program at $.26/pound is a cost-effective alternative for the community it serves.

Business and Commercial Customers please call (904) 252-9786 to schedule a pickup using one of our secure bins.

Shred for Good Volunteer
Shred for Good Residential Shred Drop Off Reboot